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Note su alcune rare monete di rame dell'imperatore Giustino II (565-578)", Numismatica, 2, 1936, pp. 75-84. Oman, C. D. 578: a Reattribution", Num ismatic Chronicle, 1 942, pp. 1 04-5,. ijMlIj,I·� '"O m Tlb CONSTANT PP AVI Tiberius II Constantine rose through the military and was el­ evated to the rank of Caesar in AD 574. He was crowned co-emperor in AD 578 just nine days before the death of Justin II and succeeded his benefactor without opposition. It was rumored that Sophia had designs of marrying the young Tiberius, but he was wed secretly to an unassuming matron from Daph­ Tiberius II Constantine nudium, and arranged to have her AD 578-582, AE 40 nummi brought to Constantinople upon his Cyzicus mint accession.

Subconsciously this suggests a unity of the emperor with God and also a unity between the two emperors, which paved the way for an unopposed succession, should the senior expire. Finally, in the histamenon of Constantine IX, we see an example of the imperial sakkos worn be­ neath the loro s . I t i s especially evident as drapery over the upper arms. Constantine holds a globus cruciger in his left hand and a scep­ ter in his right, both symbols of the authOrity to rule. Tiberius II Constantine wearing consular trabea AD 5 78-582 AE 40 nummi, Constantinople Michael II and Theophilus AD 821 -829 AE follis, Constantinople Michael (left) wearing chlamys and Theophilus wearing loros Constantine IX, AD 1042-1055 AV histamenon, Constantinople wearing loros and sakkos 25 Iconoclasm During the reign of Justinian II (AD 685-695 and 705-711 ), religious art found its way into coinage in a major way.

He was renamed J u stinian and became a trusted advisor upon his uncle's accession, as well as heir to the throne. The reign of Justinian was long and successful. Most of the credit for his military success should be given however to his very competent generals. Belisarius stemmed the advance of Khusru II in the East and Justinian I, AD 52 7-565 eliminated Gelimer and the Vandal AE 40 nummi presence in North Africa. Narses defeated the Goths in two major MINTS battles, and restored the Italian pen­ insula to the empire.

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