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The walls are likely to be partly retaining walls for the already developed Tell. It is difficult to see a defensive significance in the Tower. Its purport might well be partly religious. The scale and differentiation in construction of the settlement is the important matter in building history. Pre-pottery Neolithic A Jericho perhaps represents the floruit of a vital Weltanschauung-of which aspects and understandings have survived in the fabric of man's heritage, but which as a unified principle of life was to disappear.

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The site of Tuleilat el Ghassul (near Jericho) appears to have been a sizeable settlement of say 7ooo inhabitants living in large and solid rectangular houses. And during the fourth millennium Palestine in all essential respects; economic, racial and linguistic was taking on its modern historical character-viz. village farmers and pastoralists of both Mediterranean and Armenoid physical type speaking a Semitic language. This is the foundation on which the political structure of the succeeding ages was based and which survived to ensure some continuity of settled life when that structure fell into confusion.

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