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3; John Moore, "The aftermath of Severomorsk," Jane's Defence Weekly, 2(6), Aug. 224. Note from Webmaster: it doesn't stop in 1986. 2003 21:44:36 The Tom Bearden Website The Tom Bearden Website ANALYSIS OF SCALAR/ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY Some Characteristics of the Phase Conjugate Wave by Lt. Col. E. ), 1990 Copyright 7. The phase conjugate wave was apparently discovered by Nikola Tesla. This was the secret of his wireless transmission of energy at a distance without losses. Transmitting time-reversed waves resulted in transmission of convergent, hence energy-conserving, beams.

Note that the normal intersection of the Woodpecker beams covers such a broad area of North America in the interference zone of the beams. The so-called "meteor" (actually, a large, rapidly moving light was seen and noise was heard) of Nov. 10 may well have been a large scalar EM ball from the Woodpecker grid weapon transmitters, performing a simulated test of the multiple-vehicle kill mode, using a large "electromagnetic missile" created and moved by the associated scalar howitzers. Complete explanation of the operation of these systems is contained in Fer-de-Lance and other books and papers.

Will be reversed to the external observer, and it will appear a brilliant—even blinding —white. Tesla's magnifying transmitter, then, would have powered the entire world—just as he stated. In May 1985, with a proprietary detection system, Frank Golden showed signals from a massive Soviet exercise of the entire Soviet strategic scalar EM weapon complex. The earth was in captured (forced) scalar resonance of 54 frequencies: 27 pairs, with the members of each pair separated by 12 kilohertz. Enormous energy was being extracted from earth, and used to power giant scalar EM interferometers and phase conjugate beam weapons of enormous power.

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