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To some extent this has been done. Our knowledge of the correlations between brain-state and mindstate is recent, but is quite rapidly increasing. It is established that sensation occurs only when the appropriate areas of the brain are stimulated different senses ; different areas for the and the nature of the sensation red or varies according to blue, sweet or bitter, soft or loud, etc. It is established that the the nature of the stimulation. destruction or injury of certain parts of the brain destroys or injures the ability to remember and recognise certain kinds of things written words, for instance.

To superhuman mind which possessed knowledge of this kind and for such a mind nothing would be unexpected or fortuitous or inexplicable. Everything would appear as a necessary ; An 2o Introduction to Metaphysics consequence of the disposition of the parts of matter in space and the laws of their behaviour. The aim of the materialist is to approach as nearly as He will try to show that water does possible to this ideal. consist of nothing but oxygen and hydrogen by showing that the properties of water can be deduced from those of oxygen and hydrogen when we know the manner in which they are combined in water.

The brain does not work by itself, in spontaneous independence of its material environment. good whiff of chloroform will forthwith put a stop, not merely to the more advanced mental processes, but to all consciousness whatever. sufficiency of alcohol will slow down and confuse thought (this is in virtue of effects on the blood-stream carried to the A A Mind and Brain 41 brain ; a drunkard's unsteadiness is not in his legs, but in his What can be the explanation of facts like these, if head). not that the mind or soul is a function of the condition of the brain ?

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