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Раритетное издание. Книга 1923 года издания, один из первых учебников по Аюрведе на английском языке. Аюрведу называют «матерью медицины». Аюрведа была впервые записана в Ведах – древнейших писаниях. Эта система оздоровления практикуется в повседневной жизни Индии на протяжении 5000 лет. Это одна из древнейших медицинских систем, которая оказала большое влияние на развитие арабской и европейской медицины. Аюрведа или “наука о жизни” учит, что болезнь есть разбалансирование различных энергий в теле человека. Она помогает восстановить равновесие между этими энергиями и таким образом поддерживать здоровье.

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Susruta III. 5. 17-20. — : ^ : ; ; ; ; '' Susruta III. ^^ II ^^jii% 5. mcTTf^ ^^ vTeff^ I , q:^%cK^^f^5fi^ ^ ^\m\^ II \^ t^^tTf^'Tf W^ff\ I 14 ANCIENT HINDU MEDICINE "The bones of the hand are 27 of th^ feet of the neck ujd to the grand {bach-hone ; 4 ; shoulder blades) 7 ; the head with eyes 8 111. ") Bones, I. From Hippocrates : The Nature of {Peri osteon physios). the above comparative Hindu evident that the table, anatomists, it is especially the Susruta school, had a tolerably sound knowledge of osteology.

3), as the act was repudiated by of the Kajastiya ceremony. If a mock-belief as a reminiscence of the presiding it was remote all priests however, clearly indicates that sacrifice was no longer countenanced by past, human it, the Vedic priesthood and was not practised in the post-Yedic Sutra period. Tlie students of were taught the technique of instrumentoperation on dead animals and vegetables, siirgery al as water-melon, cucumber, pumpkin, gourds or skin-bags filled wdth water {Siimnita, I, 9.

C, ^^4-4^7) mentions in lis :y IL S5, that the Egyptian medical pro- . L. > fessioiA WHS Tenr advanced and learned, and it specialiaed in dilfiarent diseases. But tbere is 1^ bnt a fragment of paipjros of the laothiQg sixt^entb centoiy B^ C. to indicate the extent of the medicil knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. llnis papyrus^ it is found that the heart, J^si ves^elSfe liTer, spleeo, wexe Fdoosniaed and the bexrt. ^uriyiDg kidneys, metezs and bladder the blood T^sek came fitom Ibesr Tassels are air, some mucus, d^^bed, some while two to the ANATOMY right life ear are mentioned 5- to cnrrv tlie breatli of ft iwd to the left ear, the hreath of deatli..

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