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This enormous two-volume paintings updates Murray's Index of previous state Titles released in 1908. as well as outdated state titles and words, there are a multitude from the Archaic interval and several other from the 1st Intermediate interval. The sincerely offered entries, prepared alphabetically, give you the most typical orthnography with a transliteration and translation, with a date and textual references. a useful reference instrument.

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But written language has a different dynamic from spoken language. Its relationship to situation, and therefore also to the society that uses it, is different. It therefore changes according to a different set of factors. The relationship between the two media (speech and writing) has also changed historically, in accordance with the way the functions of writing have changed, and the ratio of writers to non-writers. ) Since the mid-20th century the written word has begun to lose its precedence over the spoken.

In Bayhaqi’s time the Ghaznavid empire (centered in Ghazni in southeastern Afghanistan, 975–1187), even though it was the first to be established by Turks, was no different. Being a dabir was not simply a nine-to-five job; it was social position, a style of thinking and acting, based on years of education, apprenticeship, and cultivation. Dabirs spent much of their time at the palace, living there or nearby; their apprenticeship in the secretarial arts was long; all their work was done in a special section of the palace; much of their socializing, during and after hours, was with other palace officials.

At its furthest extent “It was customary for young Venetian noblemen to be sent off to spend their teenage years learning both Arabic and Persian, as well as the business of trade, in the Venetian trading settlements in the Levant, and a number of Venetian doges, such as the longest reigning of all, the foxlike Doge Francesco Foscari (r. 1423–1457), were actually born and grew up there. Doge Andrea Gritti (r. 1523–1538) fathered three illegitimate children in his youth in Istanbul, one of whom later became the close friend of Suleyman the Magnificent’s grand vizier, Ibrahim Pasha.

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