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Normal wall motion and preserved wall thickening on gated SPECT imaging assists in differentiating such a fixed perfusion defect from myocardial scar/infarction. Breast attenuation artifact generally includes the most basal aspect of the anterior wall, may spare the apex, and has a sharp crescentic edge effect conforming to the shape of the breast (Figs. 7). This is contrary to the most common pattern of LAD coronary artery disease which has less distinct borders, spares the most basal anterior segment, and usually includes the apex.

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1996) Joy et al. (2007) Lamont et al. (1996) Raza et al. (2005a, b) Shih et al. (2002, 2005) Tallaj et al. (2000) Chamarthy and Travin (2010) Gedik et al. (2007) Hesse et al. (2005) Howarth et al. (1996) Meesala et al. (2006) Panjrath et al. (2004) Shih et al. (2002, 2005) Toran et al. , duodenal leiomyosarcoma) Previous radiopharmaceutical Not reported Barium Adrenal glands Kidneys and female reproductive system Retention of excreted radioactivity in dilated collecting system Stone disease Urinary catheters Physiologic in hepatic failure Vascular system Contamination from injection/ extravasation at injection site Cyst Neoplasm, primary Neoplasm, metastasis Congenital absence/ nephrectomy Ptotic or small kidney Atrophy/end-stage renal disease Scar/pyelonephritis Cyst/polycystic disease Neoplasm, primary (kidney, uterine leiomyoma) Neoplasm, metastasis Not reported References Chamarthy and Travin (2010) Joy et al.

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