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By Julianne MacLean

Clara Wilson has come all of the option to London to transparent her identify (after her wilfulness has left her really unweddable around the ocean). yet prior to she even has an opportunity to instruction her curtsey, she stumbles into the fingers of Seger Wolfe, Marquess of Rawdon. Clara hasn't ever felt love prior to, yet she has without doubt while she meets the Marquess that this can be what it sounds like. Too undesirable love is the very last thing on her mind—she's the following to discover a husband, no longer a rake.

Every reliable gossip is familiar with that the notoriously filthy rich Marquess enjoyed and misplaced years in the past, and few have neglected the way in which his damaged middle drove him from society ballrooms into society girls' bedrooms. but if he meets the lost Clara Wilson at one of many town's ever-so-scandalous mystery balls, the need he feels for her is just too robust, and it pulls him again into the swirl of aristocratic London. Now he unearths himself competing for the center of the irrelevant attractiveness, and risking his personal center within the video game.

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Hush, now. I’m sorry. I know how important it is to you, to be cautious and prudent. But take heart, it could have been worse. ” AN AFFAIR MOST WICKED 29 “I think he did believe it. ” “But you told him otherwise? ” “He was surprised, but as soon as he discovered I was not married, he took me back to Mrs. ” Sophia shook her head in disbelief. ” The two sisters stood in silence for a moment, listening to the orchestra play a Minuet. Finally, Clara’s heart rate returned to a less expeditious pace.

I don’t know how long. ” He pressed his lips to hers again, deepening the kiss, closing in on her with his whole body, and sending a sweet pounding arousal straight to her core. She wrapped her arms around his neck and reveled in the pleasure of his hot, moist mouth, while she tried to ignore her conscience, scrambling helter-skelter to dig in its heels. Groping for self-restraint, Clara managed to drag her lips away for a moment. “Sir, I must ask you to—” AN AFFAIR MOST WICKED 23 “Come with me upstairs,” he whispered in her ear.

Why would she come here to look for one, and risk her reputation? Did she not realize that skirting a scandal last time had been a complete miracle? Did she not know how to quit while she was ahead? The duchess should have known better. Or perhaps that’s why she was here in the first place. To stir up a scandal and force someone’s hand. Well, it wouldn’t be his. He had spent the past eight years learning how to guard himself against that kind of thing. Unfortunately for her, however, it probably wouldn’t force anyone else’s hand either.

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