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By Antony C. Sutton

For one hundred seventy years they've got met in mystery. From out in their initiates come presidents, senators, judges, cupboard secretaries, and many spooks. they're the titans of finance and and feature now put in a 3rd member as usa President George W. Bush. This exciting behind-the-scenes glance records Yale's secretive society, the Order of the cranium and Bones, and its well-known contributors, numbering between them Tafts, Rockefellers, Pillsburys, and trees. faraway from being a campus fraternity, the society is extra curious about the luck of its participants within the post-collegiate international. integrated are a proven club record, infrequent reprints of unique Order fabrics revealing the interlocking energy facilities ruled through Bonesmen, and a peek contained in the Tomb, their 140-year-old deepest clubhouse.

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Communications There has been a significant penetration into communications. Some examples: • Henry Luce of Time-Life is in The Order. • so is William Buckley ('50) of National Review • and Alfred Cowles ('13), President of Cowles Communications, Des Moines Register, Minneapolis Star • and Emmert Bates ('32) of Litton Educational Systems, plus ' Richard Ely Danielson ('07) of Atlantic Monthly • Russell Wheeler Davenport ('23), Fortune ' John Chipman Farrar ('18), of Farrar, Straus, the publishers.

S. links to the Guggenheim, Schiff and Warburg families. There were no Jews at all in The Order until very recently. In fact, The Order has, as Rosenbaum suggests, some definite anti-semetic tendencies. Token Jews (and token blacks) have been admitted in recent years. There is an Illuminati connection. Some details are in the Esquire article, more details will be in our future volumes. All these groups have cooperative and competitive features. But to argue that all the world's ills can be ascribed to any one of these groups is false.

Frederick McGeorge Bundy is an example of a member who is initiated and then, apparently, is disinclined to do more. We can safely ignore Fred: his great achievement in life was Chairman of the North Atlantic Fillet Council which sounds vaguely like a government policy organization, but is concerned merely with marketing fish fillets. If the oher Bundys had followed in Fred's honest, industrious footsteps and confined their activism to fish fillets, the world would be a lot safer, saner place. Unfortunately, they didn't.

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