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By George A. Gonzalez

Throughout the U.S. oil and fuel shale are being 'hydrofracked' to supply petroleum and ordinary fuel. Oil (or tar) sands from Canada is being 'processed' – thereby producing quite a lot of crude. This publication areas the radical fossil fuels revolution that's happening in North the USA in the context of serious strength politics.

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A regional or local growth coalition is composed of those economic interests and economic elites who benefit from economic growth in a specific locality or region. , real estate interests). Other important members of such coalitions include banks, utilities, regional media outlets, and law firms that specialize in real estate transactions. Local growth coalitions seek to attract investment and economic activity to their specific locality. Large land owners and land developers benefit from increased investment and economic activity in their specific area because such increases usually translate into greater demand for land and built facilities, and, hence, increased prices for such land and facilities.

This, even though a hugely successful civilian power program would have eliminated the need for fossil fuel as a source of energy (especially coal). 20 Far from manifesting opposition, the fossil fuel industry demonstrated significant political support for nuclear power in the 1950s. This support was shown through the 1956 report Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, submitted to the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. The report was compiled by the Panel on the Impact of the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy.

S]ynthetic crude production meant high fixed costs for production . . ”59 Importantly, the Sun Oil Company was linked to the Alberta’s oil sands policy-planning network. J. Howard Pew, the company’s long-time chief executive, was friends with Ernest Manning60—premier of Alberta for 25 years. 62 Historian Arthur M. ”63 In the 1970s there was global oil shortage, and the economic-elite-led policy-planning network did identify synthetic crude from the oil sands as an answer to this shortfall. The Oil Shocks of the 1970s In 1973 the Persian Gulf region of the Middle East took on particular importance for the Western allies.

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