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By Richard M Barnhart, John P. O'Neill & Joan S. Ohrstrom, WalterJ.F Yee, Gerald Pryor

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You can tune your banjo You know the basic frailing strum You know your note values You know four chords You can sing and play four songs one of them in two different keys! You can read tab You can play hammer-on’s, pull-offs and slides. Now we are going look at some simple tunes to see how everything covered up to now blends together. “Handsome Molly” 4/4 Time Key of C While sailing on the ocean, while sailing on the sea I’d think of Handsome Molly wherever she might be. She rode to church on Sunday, she passed me on by I could tell her mind was changing by the roving of her eye.

If you have trouble with a measure just do your basic strum and try it again later. “Cripple Creek” is one of the songs you almost have to be able to play. It is an old fiddle tune that has become sort of the unofficial anthem for banjo players everywhere. This tune also introduces the basic format that most fiddle tunes follow. You will see that the verse and the chorus have been labeled A and B. The traditional way to play a song like this is A twice and then B twice. This is not a hard and fast rule.

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