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By Beverley Kendall

She hopes to realize his affections

For omit Elizabeth Smith, sharing her first kiss with the fascinating Lord Derek Creswell is little short of a dream come true...that is, until eventually she is noticed by means of essentially the most influential gossips of the ton. With scandal nipping at her heels, to prevent overall social break, Elizabeth needs to current a fiancé via the tip of the Season. but if the viscount proves reluctant, Elizabeth is compelled to hire a seduction of a unique sort...

He is set to break her

Viscount Derek Creswell believes Elizabeth got down to seize him into marriage. in any case, her sister tried the exact same factor along with his brother six years earlier than. Now the delectable leave out Smith expects a betrothal and a hoop, whereas Derek reveals her ruination infinitely extra appealing...

But as Derek units out to seduce in basic terms her physique, Elizabeth is motive on claiming his jaded heart.

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He grew hard, his cock responding to his thought as if it’d received a physical stroke. ” His voice was graveled in large part because he couldn’t control his reaction to her. ” He would have been wed at the age of twelve. A soft blush suffused her face and she fell silent. As passionate as her response to him had been, Derek could clearly see she was an innocent. A virgin. And virgins wanted everything proper: the courtship, the wedding, and the bedding. Everything in its rightful order. If everything went as he firmly expected it would, there would be no need for a marriage.

Elizabeth tried her hand at nonchalance but feared the effect was lost to the heat flooding her face. Her mother often said she wore her heart on her sleeve and one day it would be her undoing. If she should come undone, best it occur after her first London Season, well out of the vicinity of prying eyes and loose tongues. “Alex,” Charlotte chided, with the ease of a friendship that numbered in years and not the month since their introduction. It had taken the better part of only three days after Elizabeth arrived at Laurel House before Charlotte had confided her feelings for Lord Alex—infatuation-turned-to-love that now spanned three years.

Elizabeth inhaled the sweet fragrance deeply into her lungs as she ventured to the edge of the garden. Slowly, she looked around and rolled up onto her toes in hopes of spying the viscount’s dark head above the first hedgerow. But for the buzz and chirps of nocturnal insects and the leaves rustling in the breeze, Elizabeth concluded she was quite alone. ” she muttered to herself. Disappointed, she came down hard on the heels of her satin evening shoes. ” drawled a deep masculine voice from behind her.

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