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By John Calam

Alex Lord, a pioneer inspector of rural BC colleges stocks in those reminiscences his reviews in a province slightly out of the level trainer period. vacationing via immense northern territory, using unreliable transportation, and enduring climatic extremes, Lord grew to become acquainted with the aspirations of distant groups and their religion within the humanizing results of tiny assisted faculties. En course, he played in resolute but creative model the supervisory capabilities of a best executive educator, constructing an academic philosophy of his personal in line with an figuring out of the provincial geography, a reverence for citizenship, and a piece ethic tuned to problem and accomplishment.

Although no longer accomplished, those memoires invite the reader to event the British Columbia that Alex Lord knew. via his phrases, we undergo the problems of commute during this mountainous province. We meet a few of the strange characters who inhabited this final frontier and study in their hopes, fears, joys, sorrows, and eccentricities. extra really, we're reminded of the historic value of the one-room rural college and its position as an critical software of group cohesion.

John Calam has prepared the memoirs in line with the areas during which Lord travelled. He has incorporated in his advent a biography of Alex Lord, a short description of the British Columbia he knew, a caricature of its public schooling approach, and an overview of where Lord’s writing now occupies between different works on schooling and society.

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Both taught at training institutions, eventually becoming principals. Each described the discomforts of extreme climates, although at opposite ends of a Fahrenheit scale, Tate telling of an 'almost unbearable' classroom at Rooming Koonung where the mercury soared to 104 degrees [40°C], Lord terming 'uncomfortable and dangerous' teaching at Fort Fraser where the temperature plummeted to sixty degrees below zero [-51 °C]. At first overcome by a certain social directness and mental insularity born of regions barely recovered from gold rush fever, each man came to appreciate life in rugged isolation, Tate growing 'very much wiser about the rough pioneering life of our mallee settlers ...

6 With the passing of the roadhouse went much of the freedom and ease which played so large a part in the charm of the Cariboo. It was pleasant to know when you were hungry that you could walk in, hang up your hat, and sit down at the family table or, if it were nightfall and you wished a place to sleep, to take the first unoccupied bed. You paid fifty cents. It was the custom of the country and it applied to everyone, local residents as well as transients. ' For the stranger it could be embarrassing.

Day to day they endure because they must, sometimes with wit, normally with tolerance. Over the long haul they bind their lives together with compassion and a sense of justice. Throughout, a remarkable hospitality touches their existence. Sometimes Lord describes it as bed and board at the going price. More often he conceives of it as openness to any shared experience be it time, thought, joy, or sorrow. At its most romantic, hospitality is Lord wrapped in the mellow comfort of some Chilcotin hearth trading yarns till stars pale with the dawn.

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