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You cannot struggle what you cannot see. And Gabriel Raines cannot be convinced simply who is surroundings the fires in his new real-estate improvement. while fires hit back-to-back, he is aware it really is own, yet any variety of rivals or ex-employees may be the arsonist.The police suspect Angel Ramirez, an area teenager who is been in hassle sooner than. yet Mattie Baker, a volunteer on the kin Abuse heart, simply cannot think the child she's been operating with may return to his antisocial ways.Determined to persuade Gabe that she's correct, Mattie needs to get as regards to him and discover who is placing their local in jeopardy. And simply because the arsonist's flames proceed to burn, they discover a warmth constructing among them. it may simply become a full-fledged fire…if they could live on lengthy adequate.

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I trust Mattie to look out for Angel’s interest,” Weiss said. “Fine, then. I could use a walk, stretch my legs a little. ” The boy shoved back his chair and they followed him single file down the hall. The waiting room had a couple of people sitting in chairs as they passed, a black teenager with round flat earrings in his ears and an older Hispanic woman. “We have counselors on hand at certain times of the day,” Mattie explained. “We’re still a small organization. But we have ten professional, full-time staff members, plus about twenty volunteers.

And parts of the central Oak Cliff district were extremely rough. Rosa Ramirez lived at the edge of the district, on a slightly quieter street than some of the others. “The person you need to be thinking of is Angel,” Gabe pressed. ” She bit her lip. She was extremely self-reliant. She’d had to be after her father died. On the other hand, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have someone go with her. Particularly if that someone looked as capable at handling himself as Gabriel Raines. “All right. I’ve got a couple of things to finish before I leave the office.

Now he approached Gabe and Sam. “I’m Captain Daily with the arson investigation squad,” he said. ” “We’ve never met but I know who you are. You helped my dad once, Jim Daily? He needed a permit to add a room to his dry-cleaning shop. The building was old and the city was giving him a hard time about it. You put in a good word for him and the permit came through. ” “I liked your dad. ” Daily straightened, returning to the business at hand. He looked over at the destruction in the lobby of the Towers.

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