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This number of essays reports contemporary paintings in Anatolia. Many papers speak about Hittite faith and tradition, together with the 1st English-language dialogue, by means of Peter Neve, of the good Temple at Hattusa. Others assessment paintings at later websites together with Aphrodisias and Sardis.

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This process can be repeated by drawing a new series of justified permeability maps using each room in the building as the starting point. , central courtyards, have low RA values, while room that gave strong asymmetric relations, such as secluded storerooms, have high RA values. Perhaps the most important point to recognize when comparing the RA values for each room in Titris¸ Höyük Building Unit 2 and Tell Asmar IVa House II (excluding the complex of rooms represented by “d”) is that the mean depth of these two structures viewed from the outside is very similar.

Anatolica 21:13–64. , and Lloyd, S. 1967 Private Houses and Graves in the Diyala Region. Oriental Institute Publications 88. Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Donley-Reid, L. 1990 A Structuring Structure: The Swahili House. 114–26 in Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space: An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study, edited by S. Kent. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Gadd, C. J. 1971 The Dynasty of Agade and the Gutian Invasion. Pp. , edited by C. J. Gadd, I.

In the original Tell Asmar excavation report published thirty years ago, Hill made a similar type of observation, noting that the size of houses might be determined by the practicalities of roofing. When a larger house was required, part or all of a similar unit was added, rather than enlarging the existing structure. Or, in a similar vein, we can only observe the ideals toward which the builders seem to have been striving in their adaptations of the plans governing conditions and note whether variations from what would seem normal planning are explained by the wall below (Hill 1967: 145–46).

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