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Acadian Redemption: From Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen's Royal Proclamation, the 1st biography of an Acadian exile, defines the 18th century society of Acadia into which Joseph dit Beausoleil Broussard was once born in 1702. The booklet tells of his youth occasions and militant struggles with the British who had for years desired to lay declare to the Acadians' wealthy lands. next chapters speak about the epic odyssey in which Beausoleil led a bunch of 1 hundred ninety-three Acadians from Nova Scotia to Louisiana, the hot Acadia, with the desire that his liked Acadian tradition could continue to exist. The final 1/2 the ebook discusses the repercussions of Beausoleil's lifestyles that led to the evolution of the Acadian tradition into what's now referred to as the "Cajun" tradition and the way it ended in an 8th iteration Beausoleil descendant, Warren A. Perrin, to convey a Petition looking an apology from the British Crown in 1990. This Petition was once effectively resolved on December nine, 2003, through the...

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In a third dispute, the Broussard brothers also claimed the northern part of a river where the Saulniers had established their camp. They took aggressive action by leaving their land, assigning the responsibility of defending it to the oldest son of René Blanchard and claiming their rights to the land in front of the Saulniers. They claimed all of the marsh property located on the northern part of the Mi’Kmaq’s camps, approximately 12 kilometers further. For the times, this was a bold move in the Acadian community.

This petition was resolved by the signing of the Royal Proclamation on December 9, 2003. Mary Leonise Broussard Perrin PART I ACADIAN ODYSSEY Louisiana artist Robert Dafford’s painting of “Beausoleil” on display at the Acadian Museum. CHAPTER 1 THE FIRST BROUSSARD IN ACADIA Three decades before he would become the father of the most famous, and, by most accounts, the most ferocious freedom-fighter in French Canada, François Brossard paid a widow for the clothes of her drowned husband René Bonnin, a trapper.

His answer was that he questioned the accuracy of the pro-British historian’s conclusion that the Acadians as a whole were a rebellious, belligerent, and quarrelsome people during the pre-dispersal period at which time they were considered British subjects. If the British declared the Acadians “rebels,” or enemies of the state, they could be subjected under British law to loss of their rights and thence to deportation. With this in mind, Warren decided to take a critical, detailed, and objective look at Acadian history to see if the official interpretations justifying the Acadian deportation would stand up to scrutiny.

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