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Трактат по дереву, история и практика

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In consequence of those curious notes being mislaid for upwards of thirty-five years, the sole record of the productions of those "ingenious and amiable twins" was very nearly lost to the world. The three sheets of letter-paper on which he had written an account of certain old volumes of wood engravings, that containing the cuts executed by the Cuuio being one of the number, he had lost for upwards of thirty-five years. For long he had only a confused idea of those sheets, though he had often searched for them when he was writing his first essay on wood engraving, which was printed about 1737, but never published.

Ottley, and by Zani, an Italian, who Mr. Singer, in his "Researches give it the benefit of their support. into the History of Playing Cards," grants the truth-like appearance " and the writer of the article " Wood-engraving of Papillon's tale ; It is, in the Encyclopedia Metropolitana considers it as authentic. however, treated with contempt by Heineken, Huber, and Bartsch, whose knowledge of the origin and progress of engraving is at least equal to that of the four writers previously named. The manner in which Fapillon recovered his memoranda of the works of the Cnnio is remarkable.

Neque errabit, quemadmodum ENOHAVINO. A tli in stencil-plate of copper, having the following letters cut out of it, DN CONSTAN TIO AVO SEM PER VICTORI received, together with some rare coins, from Italy by Tristan, author of " Commentaires Historiques, Paris, 1G57," who gave a copy of it ;it " page 68 of the third volume of that work. The letters thus formed, ex was nulla materia,"* might be traced on paper by means of a pen, or with a small brash, charged with body-colour, as stencillers slap-dash rooms through their pasteboard patterns, or dipped in ink in the same manner many shopkeepers now, through similar thin copper-plates, mark the prices of their wares, or their own name and address on the paper in as which such wares are wrapped.

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