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By Shua Ullah Behai, Eric Stetson

A background of the kinfolk of Mirza Husayn Ali Baha'u'llah (d. 1892) advised from their very own viewpoint. those are these Baha'i kinfolk of Baha'u'llah whom Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l-Baha made Covenant Breakers and ostracized from the better Baha'i sect. This booklet is the 1st of its sort and an immense historic rfile.

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Some of the material I have added is more partisan in taking the side of Mr. Behai’s father and portraying ‘Abdu’l-Baha in a negative light, compared to Mr. Behai’s own writings and especially those of the elder Mr. Bahai, who took pains to avoid harsh criticisms or judgments of his brother from whom he had been estranged. I have included the more partisan material for three reasons: First, the main purpose of Shua Ullah Behai’s book was to provide important historical testimonies that would otherwise be ignored, and I feel that the passage of time and my distance from the Baha’i family feud make me capable of discussing material which he may have been reluctant to include out of respect for his famous uncle’s reputation or for fear of coming across as personally biased—material which nevertheless ought to be presented in context and considered by anyone who wants to investigate the issues objectively.

Muhammad [al-Jawad] Taqi, son of Ali Reza. Ali [al-Hadi] Naqi, son of Muhammad Taqi. Hasan Askari, son of Ali Naqi. H. ] The Shi'ites hold that he did not die, but disappeared in an underground passage in Surra Man Ra'a; that he still lives surrounded by a chosen band of his followers in one of the 36 mystical cities called Jabulqa and Jabulsa; and that when the fullness of time is come, when the earth is filled with injustice, and the faithful are plunged in despair, he will come forth to overthrow the infidels, establish universal peace and justice and inaugurate a millennium of blessedness.

That prince whose power was far above All those who vainly seek my love;... ” She ceased, when lo! The laughing train Came dancing back, with song and jest, And leading, in a flowery chain, The stranger youth their welcome guest. ’Twas thus they met—they met and gazed, Struck by the self-same power—amazed; Confused, admiring, pleased, distressed, As passion rose in either breast. The princess spoke—soft as a bird In spring to some dear partner sighing; And the fair stranger’s words were heard, 19 Sweet as the bulbul’s notes replying.

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