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Within the 12 months 486 BCE, upon the dying of his father, Darius I, Xerxes I turned king of the Persian Empire. His country, extending from present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan within the east to Egypt and Libya within the west, was once the biggest empire of the classical age. even if, all used to be now not good in the Persian Empire, with the provinces of Egypt and Babylon in a nation of uprising and the tiny city-states of Greece refusing Xerxes' rule.

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I got to ride him yesterday, down by the railroad tracks,” Edrina boasted. Then her face fell a little. ” Harriet asked, breathless with excitement at the prospect. Clay caught Dara Rose’s gaze again. “That’s your mother’s decision to make, not mine,” he said, so at home in his own skin that she wondered what kind of life he’d led, before his arrival in Blue River. An easy one, most likely. But something in his eyes refuted that. “We’ll see,” Dara Rose said. ” “I’d best be getting on with my day,” Clay said, with another slow, crooked grin.

At least that way, he could steer the child homeward, where she belonged, make sure she got there, and rest easy thereafter, where her welfare was concerned. Edrina pointed past a general store, a telegraph and telephone office, the humble jailhouse where he would soon be officiating and a tiny white church surrounded by a rickety picket fence, much in need of whitewash. “It’s one street over,” she said, already veering off a little, as though she meant to duck between buildings and take off. “Our place, that is.

Edrina, still flushed with fury, marched right into the middle of that cluster of small but earnest rascals, stood face-to-face with the primary mischief-maker and landed a solid punch to his middle. Knocked the wind right out of him. Miss Alvira was on the run by then, blowing shrill toots through the whistle every schoolmarm seemed to come equipped with, but the damage, such as it was, was done. The thwarted bonnet thief was on his knees now, clutching his belly and gasping for breath, and though his dignity had certainly suffered, he didn’t look seriously hurt.

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