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By Marc Van de Mieroop

This ebook offers a transparent, concise historical past of the intense multicultural civilizations of the traditional close to East. Bestselling narrative of the complicated historical past of the traditional close to EastAddresses political, social, and cultural developmentsContains in-depth dialogue of key texts and assets, together with the Bible and the Epic of GilgameshIncludes various maps, illustrations, and a range of close to jap texts in translationIntegrates new study, and tremendously expands the courses to extra interpreting for this moment version

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There also existed, however, an overarching sense of religious unity that joined the cities of Babylonia together in war and peace. This is already attested around 3000, when multiple cities had just developed, and not surprisingly the oldest urban center, Uruk, played a prominent role in it. The existence of collective cult practices centered on Uruk is suggested by a group of seal impressions on tablets and lumps of clay, which display symbols that render the names of several other cities. Seal impressions on tablets from the Jemdet Nasr period (3100-2900) show a fixed sequence of city-symbols, including those of Ur, Larsa, Zabalam, Urum, Arina, and probably Kesh.

Enmetena, ruler of Lagash, given the scepter by Enlil, given wisdom by Enki, chosen in the heart of Nanshe, chief administrator of Ningirsu, the one who grasps the commands of the gods, may his personal god Shuturul stand before Ningirsu and Nanshe forever for the life of Enmetena. (If) the man of Umma, in order to carry off the fields crosses the boundary channel of Ningirsu and the boundary channel of Nanshe, be he a man from Umma or a foreigner, may Enlil destroy him, may Ningirsu after casting his great battle-net, place his hands and feet upon him.

On the levee of Ningirsu, named Namnundakigara, he built shrines for Enlil, Ninhursag, Ningirsu, and Utu. . At that time 11, who was the head of the temple of Zabalam, made a retreat from Girsu to Umma. I1 received the rulership of Umma there. Into the boundary channel of Ningirsu and the boundary channel of Nanshe, the levee of Ningirsu - being at the edge of the Tigris and on the boundary of Girsu - the Namnundakigara of Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag, its water was diverted. Of the barley of Lagash he repaid only 3600 gur,.

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