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Within the yr 486 BCE, upon the demise of his father, Darius I, Xerxes I turned king of the Persian Empire. His state, extending from present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan within the east to Egypt and Libya within the west, used to be the biggest empire of the classical age. in spite of the fact that, all used to be now not good in the Persian Empire, with the provinces of Egypt and Babylon in a country of uprising and the tiny city-states of Greece refusing Xerxes' rule.

Buddhist Philosophy: A Historical Analysis (National Foreign Language Center Technical Reports)

This advent to Buddhism examines its simple philosophical teachings and ancient improvement, surroundings forth complicated and important principles in an easy and straightforward sort that's simply obtainable to the scholar. The author's orientation is philosophical, instead of non secular or sociological.

Song of My Heart

Whilst the sheriff uncovers a connection among the crime he is investigating and the girl he is relationship, can their love continue to exist the scrutiny-and the reality?

Epidemien und Pandemien in historischer Perspektive: Epidemics and Pandemics in Historical Perspective

Im Zentrum dieses Sammelbandes stehen neue Forschungsergebnisse interdisziplinärer Autorinnen und Autoren aus sieben Ländern zum Thema Seuchen. Seuchen verbreiten zunächst Unsicherheiten, so dass historische Beispiele und Denkweisen herangezogen werden, um Gefahren zu erkennen und Gegenmaßnahmen zu treffen.

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Their initial destination was Redstone Landing, a busy river port on the Monongahela River in western Pennsylvania, not far from Pittsburgh. To get there they had to cross the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains. On a good day a sturdy wagon could advance as much as twenty miles, but the rains and perhaps even early snows that the Clarks encountered in the mountains impeded their progress as they strug- The West Beckons 15 gled to maneuver wagons and animals through the hilly terrain along bad roads.

At Fort Washington Clark found smallpox raging through the camp in late November. No doubt he was relieved when he received orders to return to Fort Steuben with a shipment of clothing for the troops stationed there. 31 Following a brief respite in Louisville and its environs, Lieutenant Clark 32 Wilderness Journey once again had to forgo the relative comfort of his officer’s quarters at Fort Steuben. In early December he departed for Vincennes to begin a tedious and laborious five-month command.

S. expedition. Fleeing in panic, the surviving troops left behind a battleground strewn with the corpses of their fallen comrades. The heavy casualties in what came to be known as St. S. S. Army, now to be known as the Legion of the United States. Efforts began immediately to raise the additional troops required to meet the legion’s newly authorized strength. 20 Within a month of his appointment William Clark was back in Virginia visiting family and friends. Their happy reunion allowed Billy to bring everyone up to date on the latest Kentucky happenings.

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