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The RST instruction opcode is FFH, so the processor will reset itself if it tries to fetch an instruction from unprogrammed locations in nonvolatile memory or from bus lines that have been pulled high. The watchdog timer (WDT) can also reset the device in the event of a hardware or software error. We recommend that you fill unused areas of code with NOPs and periodic jumps to an error routine or RST instruction. This is particularly important in the code surrounding lookup tables, since accidentally executing from lookup tables will cause undesired results.

1 Code Execution The RALU performs most calculations for the device, but it does not use an accumulator. Instead it operates directly on the lower register file, which essentially provides 256 accumulators. Because data does not flow through a single accumulator, the device’s code executes faster and more efficiently. 2 Instruction Format MCS 96 microcontrollers combine a large set of general-purpose registers with a three-operand instruction format. This format allows a single instruction to specify two source registers and a separate destination register.

1 Using Registers The 256-byte lower register file contains the CPU special-function registers and the stack pointer. The remainder of the lower register file and all of the upper register file is available for your use. Peripheral special-function registers (SFRs) and memory-mapped SFRs reside in higher memory. The peripheral SFRs can be windowed into the lower register file for direct access. Memorymapped SFRs cannot be windowed; you must use indirect or indexed addressing to access them. All SFRs can be operated on as BYTEs or WORDs, unless otherwise specified.

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