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By Seymour Resnick

Necessary studying reduction comprises definitions of universal Spanish phrases prepared via such different types as meals, numbers, days of the week, months, colours, seasons and relations. At the book's heart is a dictionary, from a to zapato, where each one notice is utilized in a Spanish sentence (with English translation) demonstrating its right use.

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JojaIa! I wish (that)! jOjala que lleguen pronto! I wish they'd arrive soon! ojo m. eye Tengo algo en el ojo. I have something in my eye . oler to smell Todo huele muy bien. Everything smeUs very good. olor m. odor, smell Hay un mal olor de tabaco aquf. There is a bad tobacco odor here . olvidar to forget Recuerdo su cara pero olvide su nombre. I remember his face but I forgot his name . onza ounce Una onza de este perfume cuesta cincuenta d61ares. An ounce of this perfume costs fifty doUars . oportunidad f.

Ice cream hfgado m. liver higo m. fig hongo m. mushroom jam6n m. ham judfas verdes f. pI. string beans (Spain) jugo m. juice (Spanish America) langosta f. lobster leche f. milk lechuga f. lettuce Seymour Resnick 54 legumbre f. vegetable lentejas f. pi. lentiLs limonada f. lemonade lomo m. loin platano m. banana pollo m. chicken postre m. dessert · puerco m. pork malz m. corn mantequilla f. butter manzana f. apple mariscos m. pi. shellfish melocot6n m. peach mel6n m. melon merluza f. hake mermelada f.

Nunca never No he estado nunca en Guatemala. I have never been to Guatemala . o or, either Estaremos aquf cuatro 0 cinco dfas. We'll be here four or five days . leual es el objeto de su visita? What is the Nos obligaron a tomar otra ruta . They forced objeto m. object, purpose purpose of your visit? obligar to oblige, force us to take another route. obra f. work Sus mejores obras estan en este museo. His best works are in this museum . obtener to obtain, get lDonde podemos obtener un pase? Where can we get a pass?

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